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Personal Injury Assistance in South Orange, New Jersey

Beckerman & Beckerman in South Orange, New Jersey, specializes in personal injury assistance. We are committed to assisting our clients in a timely manner, and communication is the key. When a potential client walks in our door, we strive to provide them with the experience and confidential advice to ensure successful legal assistance.

Our 30-year track record for helping clients is testament to our success. Most of our referrals come from satisfied clients who feel comfortable referring their friends and family. We do not use paralegals in our office as every part of your case deserves to be handled by your attorney from the first meeting to final resolution.

Personal Injury

We handle all negligence cases, including car, bus and truck accidents, pedestrian injuries, and premises claims. All cases have different issues, so you need to hire a lawyer who has years of successfully handling all types of injury claims.

Other Services

Our firm also handles matrimonial law cases dealing with divorce, child custody and support, and general family law. Real estate cases dealing with both residential and commercial properties, traffic court cases, medical malpractice, DUI cases, and hospital negligence are just a sample of the many legal hurdles that we help our clients navigate at Beckerman & Beckerman.
Courthouse - Personal Injury Assistance in South Orange, New Jersey
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